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Julie Nariman

Julie Nariman has been a passionate educator in the New York City Public School system for over 15 years. Julie is the founding principal of the High School of Language and Innovation, a Bronx high school for newcomer English Language Learners. The High School of Language and Innovation is a highly diverse school with over 20 languages represented in its student population.

Read stories by Julie Nariman about Julie Nariman professional bio, read Class 325 a small classroom Julie used for her office, where students and staff inspire her on a regular basis.

Julie Nariman on NYC Leadership Academy.

John Savadjian

GAMA Insurance Agency Award winner John Savadjian financial adviser at Old Tappan Financial, LLC. John was a successful manage director at prudential for over 30 years.

John Savadjian came into the insurance industry in mid 70th signing on with Prudential, one of the largest insurance agencies in the U.S. and worked there for 36 years.

Find more on who is John Savadjian also insurance agent John Savadjian.

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