How to Talk to Kids about Politics

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“I’m not interested in politics.” The problem with this statement is that ‘politics’ is interested in you. It’s also interested in your children. The political climate is everywhere in our modern world, particularly since the advent of social media. And … your child and social media? They’re closer than you’ll ever know. Your child most


How to Improve Memory

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As adults, we know our memories can diminish as we get older. But children also can have difficulties with their memories. Children need to have excellent recollection, particularly in their classroom activities. Information from classroom tasks and homework assignments needs to be recalled at any given moment, especially during testing. The good news about memory


How Kids Can Improve Attention Span

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Elementary school teachers know the difficulties many children face with paying attention during class, particularly if tasks seem monotonous or tedious to them. One of the biggest challenges about being a kid is keeping your focus during school. Thankfully, there are strategies that a child can employ that will help to improve his or her