Oppositional Defiant Disorder in School Aged Children

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These days when a child acts out or is hostile, some people may automatically think they are just a bad kid or they have bad parents.  But, did you know there is actually something called ODD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder?  This is a disorder that makes a child seem defiant, hostile or even a child


How to Deal With Anxiety in Children

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Anxiety and adults is something that happens once in a while (usually!) and it tends to deal with doing something new, something in front of people, or going someplace new.  I tend to get anxious for example, when I am going to a new doctor for the first time.  Nervousness and anxiety are two very


What is Dysgraphia?

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Oftentimes I wonder about different learning disabilities especially these days.  Are there more disabilities these days or are we just more educated and knowledgeable in catching them?  Some people say that these days so many more learning disabilities happen because of the foods we eat, the TV we watch lack of exercise etc.  I’m not


How to Continue Learning Over Summer Break

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I remember when I was a kid (and I know this hasn’t changed!) that when it was the last few days of school we would get incredibly excited that we would have some time off to relax and enjoy the summer.  I think though, one big difference between 20 years ago and now, is that


Summer Vacation for Teachers

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Teachers of any education level have a really difficult yet gratifying job.  But when it comes to the summer time and “their” time, exactly what do teachers do?  We know they don’t spend the summer working because there are no kids to teach!  If you’ve ever wanted to be a teacher or you are a