How to Talk to Kids about Money

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One of the biggest gripes we all have about our schooling is that we were never taught how to properly manage our finances. Whether your child’s school teaches this subject or not, you must. Parents are the first and last resource when it comes to their children learning about the right and wrong ways of


How to Talk to Kids about Politics

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“I’m not interested in politics.” The problem with this statement is that ‘politics’ is interested in you. It’s also interested in your children. The political climate is everywhere in our modern world, particularly since the advent of social media. And … your child and social media? They’re closer than you’ll ever know. Your child most


How to Continue Learning Over Summer Break

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I remember when I was a kid (and I know this hasn’t changed!) that when it was the last few days of school we would get incredibly excited that we would have some time off to relax and enjoy the summer.  I think though, one big difference between 20 years ago and now, is that


Summer Vacation for Teachers

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Teachers of any education level have a really difficult yet gratifying job.  But when it comes to the summer time and “their” time, exactly what do teachers do?  We know they don’t spend the summer working because there are no kids to teach!  If you’ve ever wanted to be a teacher or you are a


Common Core Standards… What? Why? How?

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The Common Core Standards is a consistent set of curriculum requirements which 47 states to date have adopted. In the past each state has individually decided what knowledge and skills the students within their state should be taught by the time they graduate. This new set of standards will enable the curricular expectations to be


Common Red Flags For Learning Disabilities

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I Hate School aka Why is School So Hard? Your child comes home from school and tells you that school is “soooo hard.” How does a parent effectively respond after gritting of teeth and reluctantly passing up the golden opportunity to share that if he or she would just pay attention or put in a